What you Should Know Before Purchasing a Lot

So you want a new home? One of the early steps is purchasing a lot. Here are some tips to make purchasing a lot a smooth process:

Before purchasing a lot, make sure you know the following:

  • Have a survey or copy of the plat.
  • If it is a rural lot make sure you have a septic report or perc test. (If it’s not included make sure to make your offer subject to a suitable perc test)
  • Get copies of the covenants or deed restrictions.The questionnaire
  • Verify any drainage areas or where water will need to be directed.
  • Find out if the area you are building in requires a foundation elevation or ground water test and report.
  • Identify if there are any easements affecting the property.
  • Find out if the lot is near water. You might need additional zoning permits.
  • Verify which utilities are included or available. Larger lots may require extras such as transformers, or have the need for LP gas, which can be quite a bit more costly.
  • Does the lot come with a subsoil guarantee?
  • Have a builder you trust look at the lot. You can find out a lot of information from them.
  • Find out if there are any impact fees. (Impact fees are one-time fees for hooking up a new home to sewer/water systems. They may also assess fees for fire protection, parks, or other capital improvements.)
  • Make sure there is gas and electric service in the location.
  • If it is a new subdivision see if you can get an idea of any homes being planned. It is helpful to know if you are the biggest or smallest home in the area.

Bonus work that can help you:

  • Check with the neighbors to see if they encountered building problems. (This is also a good opportunity to see if you like your neighbors!)
  • Check with the local inspector. They may be aware of special circumstances or conditions when the lot was built.

Our biggest piece of advice when purchasing a lot, is to gather the information listed above and then check with your new home builder before you buy the lot to make sure the home fits, and you can afford the subdivision.

At Belman Homes, we are glad to guide you through the process of purchasing a lot. Contact us today if you`d like to discuss anything!