The Belman Difference

Welcome to Belman Homes, Waukesha County’s premier custom home builders! Belman Homes has served the Waukesha and surrounding Milwaukee area communities as home builders, land developers, REALTORS® and green home building experts for the last 35 years. We offer our customers new homes for sale in Waukesha County or we will build one for you on your lot.


Every Belman home is handcrafted on-site using only the best suppliers and finest contractors. Your custom home will be unique, comfortable, energy efficient and most of all, an investment you can be proud of.


Belman Homes strives to listen to you first, and foremost so we fully understand what is most important to you when you build. We feel building a new home can be a fun and rewarding experience. Our vision is Creating the ultimate building experience, one customer at a time. We really care about you as well as how you are treated throughout the building process. It is very important to us. We build a great home, but we want to make it an experience that you will gladly share with your friends and family.


Founded by Don Belman and joined by his two sons, Dan and David, they quickly built a reputation as one of Southeastern Wisconsin’s most reputable builders. Don is a past President of the Metropolitan Builders Association (MBA) and Builder of the Year. Today, David Belman is following in his father’s footsteps as a Board of Director for both the MBA and Wisconsin Builders Association (WBA). He has also served as President of the MBA in 2016 and is currently serving as the WBA`s 2017 President.


We have forged strong relationships with our dedicated craftsmen and have worked side by side with them throughout the years to ensure the finest quality and a smooth building process. We strive to build each home as if it were our very own. One of the many things that set our homes apart is our hands-on approach. Throughout the process you deal directly with the Belman’s as well as our knowledgeable staff who will diligently guide you through the process of creating a beautiful home that you are proud to call your own. Our energy efficient homes are hand built, stick-by-stick with premium materials and carefully crafted by our loyal tradesmen. We also provide custom mill made cabinets and trim, hand finished right on site for impeccable fit and finish.


You will be pleased with the large offering of standard amenities and the personal touches that you can add to your Belman home. If one of our 55 plus unique designs doesn’t suit your needs, we also build off of existing plans, create custom homes, provide land development, condominiums and offer an array of real estate services. By providing you with complimentary site evaluations and design estimates, you’ll find out quickly, that our chief aim is to serve you, because we want you to be more than satisfied, and…“We want you to come live in our home.”



Why Build With Belman?


1. Safety First We want to make sure everyday our workers go home to their families safely. We require all of our contractors to follow specific OSHA guidelines. We also host a safety-training program for all our contractors so they are educated on keeping their workers safe. A safe worker is a happy worker on your home. Also a safe track record with our workers has reduced our Workers Comp insurance premium, which allows us to give you a more competitive price.

2. Contractor Loyalty Belman Homes gets lots of repeat business from their clients. In Fact, most of the tradesmen that built their home 5, 10, and 20 years ago still work for Belman Homes. We don’t select contractors based on the lowest bid. Only the best workers and suppliers are used at Belman Homes. We have a comfortable working relationship with our contractors.  They also know each other and will communicate with each other. This eliminates confusion on the job site and a higher quality product.

3. Homeowner Education Before you move into your new Belman Home we give you a Homeowner Orientation. We meet with you right at the home and explain how your home works and the best ways to care for it. Your home is one of your biggest investments you will ever make. We want to make sure we help you maintain its value and have it perform the way it should.

4. We are Sticklers At Belman Homes we are known to be sticklers. And that is a good thing. We want to make sure everything on your home is nice and tight. From the installation of the windows & siding to the miter joints on the woodwork, we expect quality work from everyone on our jobsites. A tight home is a dry home.

5. We Care All of our homes are limited production homes. That means it is built just for you. Your HOME.  We care about you and your home. We know if you are happy with the product and the process you will tell your family and friends.

6. Constant Improvement We conduct staff meetings once a month to go over our office policies and procedures. Our expediters meet once a week to iron out schedules. We also take constructive criticism from you and try to implement it wherever possible to make this a great and hassle free experience for you.

7. Pricing Almost every builder in the market buys lumber right when they need it for a specific job.  We used to do that too, but not any more. Why?  We recently purchased 11 rail cars of framing lumber. This summer we saw some of the lowest historic prices on lumber in more that a decade. This stabilizes our material costs for one of the most expensive components of the home. Once you start building with us you do not have to worry about the cost of your new home going up.

8. One Stop Shop We are a full service company. We are one of the only builders in this market that can offer so many services. That means you can come to us to buy a home, find a lot, build your dream home or condo and even sell your existing home for you.

9. Experience The Belman family has over 40 years of experience in Real Estate and Land Development, and over 30 years in construction. Don Belman was past President of the Metropolitan Builders Association (MBA) and David Belman has followed in his footsteps being the President for the MBA in 2016 as well as an active Board of Director for the Wisconsin Builders Association.

10. Reputation Many of our clients refer their friends and family to us. We have built two and even three homes for the same family. One of the highest compliments we receive is from Real Estate agents who proudly put in a home’s description that the home they are selling is a “Belman” home.