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Well, 2016 is coming to a close and many of us shift our focus to giving back and helping those who are in need. As we reflect back on this year we are blown away from all the generosity we have experienced in our community. Since we announced our Operation FINALLY HOME Waukesha project in June we have raised enough funds to fully fund our current new home in Waukesha for Army Specialist, Philip Olson. We couldn’t have done this without everyone’s hard work, support and generosity! All we can say is “oh my gosh…Thank You, THANK YOU!”

Many of our veterans spend the holidays away from their loved ones and their homes to keep us free and safe. There is no greater way to honor them for their service than to help support one of their wounded brothers back home so they can get their lives back in order.

Since we still have our business match challenge running, we still have more funds to raise to receive the full match amount of $150,000. If we can fully fund this match it will enable us to build our 3rd Operation FINALLY HOME project in Waukesha as soon as Philip’s home is complete, so we need to continue raising funds to achieve that goal. There are still many deserving veteran’s in need, so our job is not finished. 

The building community has stepped up big time on our first two projects providing the majority of materials and labor to build these two homes. This has kept our costs very low so that we can make the absolute best use of any funds we receive. We simply can’t continue to lean on them so hard. Now is the time for the business community and the public to help do their part so we can continue building homes for wounded war heroes for Operation FINALLY HOME Wisconsin. Each home costs progressively more as material donations tend to dry up after awhile.

So if you are looking for a worthwhile charitable cause, please consider giving to Operation FINALLY HOME. Since all of our work here, locally, is done by volunteers, 100% of your donations will go to building a new home for a wounded war hero! It is a 501c3 so your donations are tax deductible. Best of all, any contributions you make will be doubled as well, so your gift goes twice as far. So if you are planning on giving to a cause this season, please strongly consider Operation FINALLY HOME. Donate online now or please contact us and we can provide you with a pre-addressed envelope for you to send your donation in.

These funds go directly to our Wisconsin build(s) so you are assured it will be kept in-State. Any amount is greatly appreciated, Operation FINALLY HOME is a very worthwhile cause and we are proud to be Waukesha’s leading homebuilder and look forward to continuing this worthwhile mission for years to come.


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