Meet the Next Operation Finally Home In Wisconsin Family – The Davis`

Sergeant Mario (Joe) Davis joined the military after the tragic events of 9/11/2001. After basic training he was deployed to Afghanistan for 12 months. After returning he was then stationed in Fort Carson in the 68th infantry from 2005-2007. At that time Joe was severely injured from an explosion and had concussions. Determined to come back Joe returned to duty he was stationed in Iraq for 13 months where he was promoted to Sergeant. 

After returning from Iraq he was stationed in Ft. Wainwright Alaska where he met is wife Carissa. While on duty he found out that he was going to have his first son named Braxton (now 8).  In 2008, Joe was promoted to staff sergeant and commanded 8 men in Iraq for 12 months.  Joe began experiencing trouble with his left arm going numb but continued his assignments.   

In 2009 the Davis family moved to Ft. Banning, GA and Carrissa was pregnant but tragically lost their baby. Determined, they tried again and then were blessed with a baby girl named Grace (now age 5). 

At 28 years of age, Joe was diagnosed with Parkinson’s caused from the stress of deployment and his injuries. Joe also lives with PTSD and TBI.  After 11 years of dedicated service to our country, Joe was medially discharged in 2013. This was devastating for Joe as he planned on serving 25 years in the military. Joe recently completed his bachelor’s degree and hopes to begin a career in criminal law and justice. The Davis family recently had their third child, named Kolton, in December 2016.  Carrissa is Joe’s rock and helps care for him and their young family.  Carrissa is active in the community and started the Girl Pioneer program and volunteers for the churches Sunday school classes.

The Davis family will receive a brand new, custom built, 4-bedroom ranch home designed to help with Joe’s condition. The home will feature flush entryways, nonslip hard surface floors, and will be accessible for a wheel chair. The home will also include a therapy room for Joe.  The home will be located in Cider Hills in the Town of Waukesha and the land was donated by Belman Homes. Construction is expected to begin on 6/24/17 with the groundbreaking ceremony.

To help support this great cause, please visit to donate to the project so we can continue to support our injured war heroes here in Wisconsin! 


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