5 Futuristic Improvements That Will Completely Revolutionize Your Home

Not too long ago, self-sustaining homes or appliances that can communicate with each other and let you know if you’re out of milk, for example, were things you could only see in sci-fi movies.

Nowadays, due to the prevalence of smart technology, our expectations about what the future holds for us have changed. So, we no longer raise our eyebrows in disbelief when someone tells us about future homes that clean themselves, locks that activate automatically, and so on.

Here are the home improvements you can expect to see in a few decades or so:

1. The Resurgence of the Planned Communities

In the last decades, the massive technological advances had taken their toll on the environment. Cities have become more crowded and polluted than ever before, pushing people towards more isolated communities in the suburbs. Tired of the noise and air pollution, people are looking for clean air and a quieter environment.

However, it seems that the trend may reverse in the future and compact communities will be the next big thing in housing. People will start to move from the suburbs to uptown areas, choosing compact, connected spaces over secluded ones. But, here’s the twist: due to smart technologies connecting more and more devices, better building materials, and more advanced technologies these locations could be just as comfortable as the suburbs.

2. 3D Printed Homes Will Become Popular

3D printing is revolutionizing the home building industry.

China already built the largest 3D-printed apartment building in the world with materials that combine recycled construction waste, glass fiber, steel, cement, and other additives.

In Dubai, you can find the world’s first office building built inside and out with a 3D-printer.

And, in Massa Lombarda, Italy, the Shamballa Technological Park was developed to prove that you can build a town on a limited budget, energy usage, and material waste.

3. Heating and Cooling Systems Will Reduce in Size

If you hated the way the air conditioner and heat pumps fitted with the design of your house, then you’re going to love how the future homes will look like. Experts predict that they’ll soon become a thing of the past and that the walls themselves will generate heat and cold.

Whether we’re talking about energy-efficient materials or revolutionary paints, in the future your walls will be able to generate energy. They will be incorporated smart electronic devices that activate on demand, providing hot or cool air for regulating the temperature.

4. Your Home Will Be Self-Sustaining

We multitask to save some time or downgrade our cable contract to save money. We’re always doing math in our heads to make sure we keep within the monthly budget.

That’s where green energy comes to our rescue.

Due to new technology advancements, we will be able to turn the rooftop of our homes into mini gardens, which could turn into a primary food source. For the walls, we can use paint that produces electricity, reducing our dependence on fossil fuel. Even the floor tiles could generate power every time you step on them.

The best part is that houses will be interconnected so that the ones that capture most heat will be able to supply nearby homes that can’t generate enough power on their own.

5. Smart Home Appliances Will Get Even Smarter

Appliances are getting upgraded and better as we are talking. You won’t have to wait too much for dishes and pots to clean themselves. In fact, new surface technologies will go as far as your cookware will hardly need any cleaning at all.

Ovens will recognize the raw food and know how to cook it without you keeping an eye on it. That is if you don’t have a robotic chef to do the cooking for you.

Induction counter-tops will replace the gas and electric cook-tops, speeding the cooking time and extinguishing burns forever.

And let’s not forget about the dreadful chore of cleaning the house. From the vacuums that circle the floor while cleaning it, we’ll see robots that dispatch smartphone-sized machines the very moment dirt appears on a surface – any surface, not only your floors.